October 24, 2015


Below is a list of all active programs that SCI has funded through community donations. Please consider donating today to keep these programs and more a chance to succeed!

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STEM Camp 2

Design using technology as well as learning some science and math principles. On the first day we did some science lessons on the laws of motion so they would understand some of the projects we would be doing later. We then started of with a building project and learning how to follow a procedure. Each student got to pick an Este’s rocket and had to follow the instructions to build the rocket. They then decorated the rocket and we launched them the following day.

Zooplankton 0

Mr. Rouleau plans to take his students to “visit the Rubenstein Lab and interact with the grad and undergrad students on their lake research projects as well as take a trip out onto the lake aboard the Melosira, UVM’s lake research vessel.”

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